Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mother of All Garage Sales

Normally I would have woken up at 6:30 this morning to be first in line for the mother of all garage sales... the local Moms Club consignment sale.

Ever since I was pregnant with my firstborn child I have made it a top priority to get this sale on the calendar months in advance. Make sure no one plans any out of town trips. Confirm Mr. Main's availability to take our three munchkins on a field trip, because Lord knows I need my undisturbed focus when I'm shopping the racks. I also must have both hands free, because Lord also knows that I've got to be flinging through those racks at lightening speed to cover all the items on my list.

My alarm is set to go off before the rooster crows. I pop out of bed, admittedly a bit groggy, too eager with anticipation to sleep soundly. Fix myself a cup of chai. Sneak quietly about my business as not to disturb the little ones from their slumber. It never works.

First Bubba wakes up and promptly needs a banana. Mimi hears the commotion and joins the party in The Little White Kitchen. And of course Dash can't stand to be the last one in bed so he stumbles his way into the predawn party as well.

Now what I can't understand is why this is all happening on the weekend, while during the school week I can't get this crew to fall out of bed even if there was an earthquake rumbling beneath them.

Anyhow, I proceed to slip out the front door before I can respond to the shouts of "Mommmmmm" coming from each of the four corners of the house. And I drive wistfully away into the sunrise.

I arrive at my destination fully prepared to endure the hour long wait when the doors will open to consignment sale heaven. In the meantime I stand like a lone soldier amongst the wild prairie grasses that are so gloriously golden this time of year.

If I'm lucky a horse will wander my direction and showcase it's magnificent beauty in the early morning light. I sip my chai and revel in the still and the quiet of this peaceful Saturday morning.

The serenity is broken the moment those doors open. It's a mad dash amongst the hundred or so ladies who've lined up to be the first inside today. Laundry baskets in hand, each knows where her priorities lie.
Girls 5T. Toddler shoes. Halloween costumes.

Being the first to your respective station means you get the pick of the litter. All the brands you love, for mere pennies. It's a joyous moment in a thrifty mom's life - putting together an entire season's closet with my favorite brands, all clean and neatly presented in a one stop shop.

And the best part about it is the price. For what I may have spent at Target on three items, I've outfitted all three of my offspring for the fall and winter. There's nothing better than that. Well, actually, I can think of quite a few things better than that. But anyhow, it's pretty great!

I woke up at 6:30 this fine Saturday morning. But this time, I hopped on my bike a went for an early morning ride with my girlfriend. Afterwards we sat in the backyard and drank chai and laughed. And then I moseyed my way on over to the sale, walked right in, and an hour later walked out with the loot. Perhaps my first-in-line practice has been unnecessary all these years?

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