About Us

Hi there. My name is Judith. Mom by design. Childbirth educator by trade. Birth doula by night.

You've found the place where I tell you a little about myself.

I love bees... I'm still begging my sweet hubby for a hive in the backyard.

I love the Fried Green Tomatoes movie... I have seen it nearly a hundred times and still can't get enough.

I love birthing babies... I wouldn't mind having babies all the time if it not for these few considerations - wine consumption is limited, snowboarding is a no-no, and the little critters are forever under my care once they pop out.

I love Bisquick pancakes... fried in pools of butter so that the edges get super crispy. Ahhh, Sunday morning delight.

I have an unnatural love affair with garage sales... on any given Saturday morning in the summer you can find me waking up with the sun, cup of chai in hand, hitting the streets to find only the best that the second-hand world has to offer.

Dr. Suess is one of my favorite authors.

I hate how I've spent more than three decades on this planet and I still can't figure out where they keep the vinegar at the grocery store... come on people, make it a little more obvious please.

I hate goat cheese... friends, no matter how many times you tell me I won't be able to taste it, I DO. You know who you are you goat cheese pushers. I do not like goat cheese in a house, I do not like goat cheese with a mouse. I do not like it here or there. I do not like it anywhere.

Enough about me—meet the fam...

Speed Racer

My sweet baby girl... in her most angelic of moments.

The Papa

The Ladies... We were told not to name them, in case we have to eat them.
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