A Plan

Feeling overwhelmed by this daunting project, I knew I needed a plan. Or at least the semblance of a plan. It's a piece of work, constantly evolving as we delve further into this daily adventure. But here are the ten basic tenants of my plan:

1 - Eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday.

2 - When you're sick of oatmeal, eat eggs.

3 - Prepare large quantities of 'salads' on the weekend - egg salad, tuna salad, potato salad - so they are quick and easy to grab during the school week.

4 - Designate one grocery shopping day each week. Halfway through the week if you find that you don't have an item you need - improvise.

5 - At the end of the week, if there is no money left in the budget for the liquor store - improvise.

6 - When the children demand endless snacks throughout the afternoon, offer them something healthy. The more they ask the healthier the snack gets.

7 - Find other things to do with your time than eat.

8 - Clarify your priorities with the items you NEED in your house and always start there.

9 - Don't attempt to do this without bread - that's foolish.

10 - Dance while you cook! It's impossible not to smile when you're shaking your booty and stirring the pot.
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