Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday Night Round-Up: Week 35


The Zac Brown Band
Does winning tickets on the radio to my favorite band's sold out concert work as a deduction? It should. Last night people were trying to sell those tickets for $100 each. If you factor this in to the weekly spendature, clearly we were well under budget. Clearly.

It seems we're headed in the wrong direction with this project lately. Each week the $150 goal is slipping further and further. Clearly this is due to the cabinets becoming emptier and emptier.

But I'll tell you one thing friends, sitting center stage in the second row for my favorite dancing band does a marvelous job at helping this mama forget all her grocery budget woes.

Did I say sitting? I meant dancing. And oh how we danced. Hours and hours of dancing. And no cooking. I like cooking and all, but I like dancing without an apron even more. You should try it sometime.

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