Thursday, September 16, 2010


We have 35 more weeks until that glorious day in mid-May, otherwise known as commencement. Seeing as today is Thursday, I suppose it's more like 34.5 weeks, but who's counting?

The meal plan came together sporadically this time around. A long chain of events made it nearly impossible for me to get a grip on my meal planning until yesterday morning. Delayed flight. Walking in the door at 4am. Couple hours of sleep. Sleepwalking through the day. Off to teach class that night. Wake up early the next morning. Repeat.

In the meantime, we improvised:

Monday - taco nachos with guacamole (15-min stovetop/beef)

Tuesday - downhome tuna salad and egg salad sandwiches with homemade sweet potato fries (fish)

Wednesday - melt in your mouth chicken and caramelized butternut squash on the grill (grill/chicken/squash)

Thursday - simple lentil soup (crockpot/lentils)

Friday - BBQ beans and rice with slaw (beans and rice)

Saturday - salad (raw) and leftovers

Sunday - leftovers or out to eat

Here's a the song that got me dancing this morning...

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