Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday Night Round-Up: 37th week counting down

Time for the Friday Night Round-Up. But it's actually Sunday night, well actually very early Monday morning, just past the stroke of midnight. This is my first opportunity to take a look back at the week gone by to see how things measured up in the grocery budgeting department.

I had all good intentions of posting some of the recipes from the later half of the week. But instead of spending quality time with you, I was called out of my kitchen into prompt action. Babies don't wait.

Three days ago it was my good fortune to put on my doula hat and support a sweet little family in their VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). Being in the room with new parents as they birth their babies is nothing short of a miracle. Every time.

While I was away for this 24-hour journey through laborland, my dear family fended for themselves. This usually means nothing short of Burger King. And so it was. Certain meal items didn't get prepared. Certain moneys were spent for the sake of convenience.

Back from the birth with only two hours of precious sleep early Friday morning, I was greeted with an enthusiastic voicemail message. We're packing up to go camping for the weekend. Since this wasn't accounted for in the meal plan either, more moneys were spent on the requisite camp food.

I must say, we were easily on track to meet our $150 goal until those few unexpected occurrences came into the mix.

Here's the breakdown:
$48.72 Whole Foods
$66.96 Natural Foods Market
$14.16 Walmart
$18.03 Sit-down Restaurant
$9.00 Burger King
$18.00 Camping Food
$20 Peaches from school fundraiser
$15 Liquor Store

Total: $210

But today, I say that the spontaneity of this past week was well worth the price!

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