Wednesday, September 29, 2010


More dancing from Bubba this week. This is proof - we do dance while we cook.

(Note: the whisk in hand as he attempts to play it like a guitar)

Week 33 Meal Plan:

Monday - Crusted Fried Fish with Mango Salsa
Tuesday - Sweet Honey Chicken Salad
Wednesday - Beans & Rice with BBQ Squash
Thursday - Coconut Curry Chicken
Friday - Kusherie (Egyptian Rice and Lentils)
Saturday - Grass Fed Steak and Potatoes
Sunday - leftovers

(Another Note: You may have noticed that Beans and Rice with BBQ Squash has been on the menu for three weeks in a row. No, we are not eating this every week. For some reason this is the meal that goes uncooked each week. So tonight I will make it. I promise.)

And here's the song that gets little Bubba dancing every time. Bubba likes to ROCK!

Jason Aldean - She's Country

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