Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's Get Our Priorities Straight - Bread Comes First

We had the talk. Oh yes, the talk. I'll be completely honest with you, we've had some low points in the $150/week grocery budget challenge. As a whole, looking back on the last three weeks, we've likely had more low points than not.

But we're reorganizing, restructuring the way we do things. This is a work in progress and it's taken us some blood, a lot of sweat and a few lonely tears to navigate our way through this challenge.

This week, #36 counting down, we set our priorities straight on a few items that have made a big difference here on the homestead.

#1 - Bread is the first priority. My sweet husband nailed this one. He told me mid-week that the answer to a happy household is bread. I completely agree. We love bread. We all love bread. When there is bread in the house people are fulfilled, they smile, we enjoy our tuna fish sandwiches, and Bubba eats pb&j to his heart's content. So the first thing in the grocery cart this week will be bread. Four loaves to be exact. Mind you they are frightfully small little loaves. We will have our bread and eat it too!

#2 - Doesn't matter because we will have bread.

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