Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Simple Joy ~ Holiday Loves

The fast approaching Thanksgiving holiday is making me all sentimental about the joyous things this season brings with it. 

I'm not crazy for mall shopping, movie theaters or unmanageable bills come January 1st. Instead, my favorite parts of the season come with great simplicity and a whole lot of love.

Homemade (gluten and dairy free) lasagna full of heritage and heart.

Magical buns of delight (gluten and dairy free, of course) that find their home in my earliest holiday memories.

Sugar nuts, to keep up my endurance and stamina through all the busy-ness next month brings.

Let us not forget the Lithuanian Krupnikas parties!

A warm mug of homemade chai to share with neighbor friends on cold winter mornings.

And last but not least, the magnificent joy that comes from watching little children play endlessly in the snow.

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