Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple Joy ~ Cool TV

Just the other day the hubs and I were having a discussion about MTV. What the heck ever happened to music television? Why did it have such a short life? Whose idea was it to play endless reality television in place of rad music videos?

As a youth, I'll admit I had a major addiction to the 24-7 feed of videos streaming through that glass screen in my living room. I'd spend days on end lazing around on the couch watching and waiting for more Bon Jovi to come on. And more Guns 'N Roses. And more Poison. And more Skid Row.

Gosh, those were the good days. I still love music videos. Perhaps you've noticed?

Boy was there a treat in store for me last week when I traveled to Canada for a business trip. Flipping through the channels in my hotel room, I came across something so fantastic I nearly dropped the remote. A channel devoted to playing all music all the time. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Apparently, someone else had been asking the same questions that we'd been pondering.

The Cool TV even hosts theme shows just like I remember them. Remember Veejays? Martha Quinn was always my favorite. Ahhhhhh. The good ol' days.

I'll spare you the potential pain it could cause to watch one of those artists I mentioned from my good ol' MTV watching days and instead send some old-timey feel good music your way.

Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary-Lou

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  1. Thank you so much for the Ricky Nelson video! Made me quite happy!


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