Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Love Country Music

There is music constantly playing in my soundtrack to life. On the radio in my car. In my kitchen. In my head.

For the past four months something special has been opening wide the great vibration in my soul.

For too long the same old beats had taken root in those deep places and it was becoming nothing short of boring. I felt an internal rising.

It all happened on a road trip 1000 miles to the East early this summer. When I took the wheel that night, my sweet husband assured me that I would be a country music fan by the time we hit Iowa. "How could you like that crap?" was my first sentiment. "He's just pulling my leg" was my second. And then I laughed.

We pulled out of our drive at 4pm and I drove for the next ten hours straight. Halfway into my sunflower seed package, somewhere in a quite dark delirium, just a touch past acre 497 of nothing but corn rows, a miracle occurred.

To keep myself awake on that lonely road I would play the Channel Surfing Game. The rules are easy. Scan. Listen. Bored. Scan. Listen. Curious. Scan. Listen. Weird. Scan. Listen...

Guess what? Out there in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, I found station after station of nothing but country music. All kinds. By 2am I was singing along with my favorites. Lord knows I'd heard them five times already. Then it hit me... I was truly enjoying myself. This music touches me.

The looks that people around here shoot my way when I tell them of my love for country music is priceless. They look at me like I'm crazy. "How could you like that crap?" is the most common sentiment. "Really? You're just pulling my leg" is the second in line. And then a loud chorus of laughter follows.

But I swear to you, I love it. Can't get enough. Here's a short list explaining my reasons:

1) Country music is always there for you when you need a good cry. I weep to some of these songs. I mean weep, ladies. And it feels good.

Brad Paisley - Anything Like Me

2) Some of the lyrics are downright silly. And that makes me laugh. And Heaven knows there are days when this dancing cook needs a good laugh.

Joe Nichols - Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

3) And don't forget about the hopeful songs. Don't tell me you haven't dreamt of this exact scenario on certain dreary afternoons.

Billy Currington - People Are Crazy

4) And finally, these songs can be so tender. Sometimes it feels like I wrote the song myself. Seeing as I can't write music or sing, I'm glad she wrote it instead!

Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me

Come on now, friends. Give it a try. If you need help, just hop in the car and start driving through middle america. Play the Channel Surfing Game. And don't forget your sunflower seeds. You'll be a fan in no time!

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