Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday Night Round-Up: Week 32


Tomorrow I will start an investigation into why my $150 goal is proving to be so difficult. One thing I know for sure, when we started on this gluten-free and dairy-free diet years ago our grocery spending more than doubled overnight. Add three very zealous young eaters to the mix. Sprinkle in two adults who won't settle for low quality food. Add to the oven of ever evolving food allergies, eczema, and asthma. And POOF! This food is expensive no matter which way you look at it. Tomorrow I will look at the dollars and cents of it. I'm just curious.

Until then, a song. Listen to it twice. It feels good.

PS - Don't mind the blurriness below. The song is so good it doesn't matter what the video looks like.

Paolo Nutini - New Shoes

1 comment:

  1. Why do you think most poor people it at Mc Donalds or the like?

    $150 you nuts?
    Yes I happen to know that you are, but if anyone can you can. I believe in you. However in my poor family of 5 I receive foodstamps and they think that we should be able to live on $200/ week. (and they are cheap) They in fact have the attitude that allergy food such as gluten free and dairy free meals are luxury and that's not even beginning the conversation of organic. Holy piss balls (is that okay to say on a blog, I mean it's not live or really public is it?)
    Why is taking care of your body considered a luxury? Is making sure you are not ill a luxury? Is making sure you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount on hospital bills a luxury?
    I think not. But such is life these days, the bigger slap in the face is that most stores in town sell the good for you food and so you actually have the choice of bad or good food.
    So I choose good food....but only til I run out of money and then it's svelt hour and maybe rice and beans.The only good thing about this expensive food thing is that I happen to cook and bake well and I can also charge for my baking. Oh yes but I think I'll target the rich people instead and I'll hook you poor folk up.


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