Monday, September 12, 2011

Simple Joy ~ Handwashables

When the label reads, Hand Wash, I ignore it. 

I don't ignore the important message and put the item in the machine washer anyhow. Noooooo, I am dar too serious about following the commands on my clothing tags. 

Rather I ignore the article of clothing, leaving it to the bottom of the laundry pile, hoping somehow it will rise out of the pressing weight from above and wash itself. 

These are my hopes. Somehow this has never actually happened. 

Nor has my fairy godmother ever shown up—with bon-bons and ice cream in hand—to manually remove said handwashable item from the depths of the wash basket while I sat on the couch eating those bon-bons and ice cream only to find in an hours time all of my delicate handwashables hanging neatly on the line.

But the other month I found myself heading out of town on a business trip and I needed some clothes, something other than my usual 'mom' gear. I found half a laundry bin with likely candidates. So I got to it and spent a small portion of my evening sudsing and swishing, swishing and rinsing (but not wringing or twisting). Before I knew it I was pleasantly enjoying this much ignored chore.

I'm heading out of town on another business trip and have found myself looking forward to my new favorite household duty. 

Bring on the suds and the swish. I'm in need of some simple joy today!

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