Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Minutes Alone ~ Haircut

This is Bubba.

This is Bubba with his nifty new haircut by mama.

(Notice the sideburns and short bangs. I'll admit, it needed help.)

This is Bubba after he spent Five Minutes Alone with the kids scissors at the dining room table while he and his siblings were "coloring quietly".

This is Lance Corporal Bubba after daddy's attempt to correct the Five Minutes Alone episode with a new high and tight 'do featuring Vanilla Ice flair. 


  1. The first one was quite stylie he'd fit right in with the swedes:)

  2. Awe.... I've got to watch the little kids with scissors too. They love to cut hair. He looks so much older and serious now. We just need to hear a laugh from him...

  3. Kjersti - Actually that's the look I was going for. I was taking notes while all you Swedes were still living amongst us. Missing your groovy sense of style!

  4. Lanie - I'll be sure to post a video of Bubba's laugh soon. He's growing more mature by the day! Soon all his Baby Bubba-ness will be a thing of the past. :(

  5. He did a better justice to his hair than any other kids but you should not have left him with the scissors. You could cut him bald so he'd learn his lesson. haircutting classes

  6. Kids will always be kids. I wonder if he would like to wear hair wigs to hide that or he would be proud to wear that hair cut when he goes to school.


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