Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Note To Self: When Traveling To Mexico With Kids

Dear Judith, 

Please take careful notes next time your friends tell you all the ways you can be well-prepared for your trip to Mexico. 

Remember to pack your sunscreen in the checked luggage so it doesn't get confiscated in the security line at the airport. Sunscreen is a key player for a good time in Mexico. By the way, the sunscreen in Mexico is super expensive even for the—cheap, hard to rub-in, barely does a good job—stuff. You can't afford for your light skinned babies to get the burn, mama.

Don't forget to get grapefruit seed extract to help prevent a rumbly tummy. For it's possible you might miss precious moments like these due to ill feelings.

If you think your friends are joking when they insist you pack Pepto Bismol—they're not. And if you think you are immune to traveler's tummy because you so desperately believe it won't happen to you—you're not. Thank heavens there was some of that funny pink stuff in the pantry when you got there. Otherwise you would have missed out on your baby girl's birthday celebration.

And when you do forget the grapefruit seed extract, Pepto Bismol and try desperately to avoid getting even a drop of water in your mouth but the entire family still manages to fall victim to Montezuma's Revenge, don't forget to pack the diaper rash cream for the baby. You're gonna need it, mama.

Always remember, the number one rule to enjoying the sun and the surf: stay hydrated. Dehydration will put a real cramp in your style. Keep those babies drinking water all day and don't get so busy with everyone else that you forget to drink some for yourself.

And a final few tips for next time... 

Keep yourself focused when packing—no Modern Family, phone calls, or desk work in the middle of the task.

Don't start packing at 10pm the night before you leave for the airport at 5:30am. 

Forget about drinking margaritas until you get there. Channeling good times while packing doesn't always work out so well for you.

Your Friend,

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