Thursday, January 6, 2011

Every Other Month - Mexico

There are days. There are days, my friends.

Days when all I want to do is eat Heavenly Burnt Sugar Almonds.

Gorge on potato chips from morning 'til night.

Have a tall gin and tonic at 10am.

And take off to a far away exotic place, stat.

Today was one of them. Seeing as it's 10pm and I haven't given into the urge for the divine sugar coated almonds, resisted touching a single chip to my tongue, haven't yet broken into the gin, and am not yet waiting in the airport to fly far far away, I thought I'd browse through the photos from my dear husband's most recent Away Weekend.

These Away Weekends were designed to give The Dancing Cook and her dear husband an opportunity to clear the head, move slowly, sleep-in, sit on the toilet without interruption, and revive passions from the past - all in an effort to remember the ME in Mom-me and Dad-de. As the years tick along the ME is so quickly forgotten - thanks to the unending needs of the little people day in and day out.

December was his Away Weekend. January will be mine.

The rules:

Leave. Leave fast. Run if you have to. Don't look back.

Go alone. Go with friends. Just don't even think about taking any of us with you.

Unabashedly enjoy your independence.

Do activities that will revive your soul.

Try something new.

Plan in advance. Or be spontaneous.

Close. Far. It doesn't matter.

If it fits the budget, do it.

So a couple weeks ago he took off on a plane to a far away exotic location and slept in a tent.

And ate breakfast, lunch and dinner on Coca-Cola folding tables.

And got really close to frightening large arachnids.

And found joy in climbing up rock faces with nothing but a thin rope and a few hefty paper clips.

Steep rock faces, mind you.

Oh boy. Did I say steep? I meant SHEER.

That's the lower half of him. Just "hanging out".

He really enjoyed pointing out the palm tree growing on the side of this rock. Now that's just unnatural. Just as I suppose seeing human beings on the side of this rock is unnatural as well.

But this is his peace. This is his soul sport. God love him.

And now time for a tune. My nerves have been rattled a bit by the absolute sheerness of those cliffs. So we turn to MC Solaar. This music is so smooth. The way I feel when I listen to MC Solaar is how I imagine those dancers must feel out on the rock.

MC Solaar - La Belle Et Le Bad Boy


  1. Amazing photos!! Not sure I would be OK with my hubby doing that!
    Can't wait to see where your "me" time takes you!

  2. Judith, I love that you and Kent do that! What a great idea. Oh, and way to go resisting the sugar and chips. You were my inspiration to cut the sugar out (I knew I needed to post cancer) and I'm 6 successful days in. Thank you!

  3. Great shots! Where is this?
    I LOVE this idea of alternating weekends away!! What a treat to know that 6x a year you will have some time to yourself.

  4. Nat - Congrats on kicking the sugar habit. It's a tough addiction to break but once you're there it is so well worth it. This time around I'm struggling more than usual. I'm having dreams of devouring mounds of Sugar Nuts with reckless abandon. Not sure what's happening here. Has this been happening to you?

  5. Dana - This Mexico trip was to El Potrero Chico. The best part about this every other month plan is that there is always something wonderful and adventurous to be looking forward to. It gets me through on those roughest days of parenting.


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