Thursday, December 9, 2010

Swift Kick Garlic Remedy

There has been a wicked cold floating around here lately. It comes on slight, then morphs and morphs and morphs until it appears you will never be rid of the cursed thing.

Feeling crummy is not my forte. I whine. I whimper. I wonder if I will ever feel normal again.

I was deeply discouraged the other night and I knew I needed backup support. So I called my friend The Beekeeper. "I have a remedy that works every time, but it's not very popular."

"Give it to me." I replied enthusiastically. If it's losing the popularity contest of remedies that means it's probably nasty. Which in turn means it's got the strength to give this cold a swift kick in the butt. Bring it on.

My cold was going from bad to worse the night before I took the remedy. Within minutes my sinuses began clearing. The next morning I was a different person. The direction of the sickness took at 180 degree turn. She was right, that remedy gave my cold a swift kick in the pants. Thank you Beekeeper for your ever loving compassionate support of this whiny woman.

Swift Kick in the Butt Garlic Remedy
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 TBS honey
(juice, tea, apples used as a chaser)

Place minced garlic in a large spoon, pour honey over it. In one big bite take it all in, chew it up, swallow.

Helpful hints for not gagging:

Hold your nose. Tightly. Don't let go until it's all made it down the chute.

Have a chaser ready. Hot tea, juice, apple slices. Don't skip this part as you prepare the remedy. Foresight is key here.

This remedy is effective thanks to the many sulfur compounds garlic contains, which are the source of its healing properties. Garlic detoxifies the body and enhances immune function while working as an antibiotic and anti-viral throughout the system.*

Please note: The ideas shared here are for informational purposes only and do not substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your professional health care provider regarding your unique health concerns.

*Source: Prescription for Nutritional Healing / Phyllis A. Balch, James F. Balch

For me, being sick is always a reminder to be grateful for my health. Every ounce of health we have is something to be thankful for. This is the first song that popped into my head when remembering what a great gift life is.

Michael Franti and Spearhead - Gloria


  1. Great choice of a song! Luv U!

  2. Great recipe, thanks!

  3. Ya know, my philosophy teacher in high school told me about this cold remedy, but I brushed it off because he was a bit crazy. It makes sense though, garlic has all sorts of good for you stuff.
    Thanks! I'm going to try it next time I feel that tickle in my throat.

  4. I attempted the recipe. You are a brave woman.
    I posted about it and linked you back...hope that's ok!

  5. Mads - Wonderful! Glad you tried it. Agreed, it is a bit crazy. If you take enough you'll get to the point where your eyeballs start to sweat. Loved the write-up of your experience. Sorry, I forgot to mention the queasy tummy in my post. Glad I'm not the only one!


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