Saturday, December 25, 2010

And Finally... My Most Favorite Christmas Tune

I know, I've been sharing a whole lot of favorite Christmas tunes with you lately. And as of tonight, the Christmas music will be over and done with for a very long time. In my house that's ten long months, until November 1st when we turn the Christmas music back on again.

Today we've been listening to the "Classic Holiday Radio" station on the Inter-Webs all day long and have heard some mighty good songs. A handful of my favorites, in fact.

But this song, ohhhhhh, this song. It is the best of the best. It is not your average Christmas tune. 

I was cleaning the kitchen for the sixth time today and Brenda Lee's Papa Noel came on. I turned it up. Way up! 

It got me dancing around The Little White Kitchen, swirling the plastic wrap around the Kugelis, two stepping while scouring the pan that held the holiday ham, and skipping the leftover candied apples all the way to the icebox. 

Try it for yourself if you've got a bit of a kitchen to clean tonight. Or if you're reading this on the day after Christmas and you still have a whole lot to clean, don't fret. Turn on Brenda Lee and it'll pick you up and send you soaring!

It's so good you won't need to hear another Christmas song for another 364 days. (Or 300 days if you live in my house.)

Brenda Lee - Papa Noel

I'll admit that this video is a little distracting to the total and complete awesomeness of the song. If you want to see an amazing video that fits perfectly with the song go watch this other video on YouTube here.

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