Tuesday, December 7, 2010

24: Ring-Jing-A-Ling

UPDATE: Thanks for sharing your Christmas music favorites. Among them sound like some fabulous picks, all of which will soon be joining my family as we celebrate the holidays. Your favorites:

Sarah McLachlan - Wintersong
Uncle Daddy - An Uncle Daddy Christmas
Bonanza - Christmas on the Ponderosa
Nat King Cole - Christmas
Barenaked Ladies - Barenaked for the Holidays

The randomly selected winner of this Christmas music giveaway is sisterearthorganics. Please contact me at dancewhileyoucook (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize.

Week 24's meal plan is long gone. I got overly consumed with the heavy math involved in yesterday's Round-Up post. So instead of showing you my meal plan for the week, I thought I'd expose you to one of my most favorite Christmas albums of all time. And do my first give-away! Read on for details.

Friction Bailey - The Silent Night
A friend gifted this to us years ago and it has since become the official music of Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, Christmas Eve's Eve and the day after Halloween. Of course the day after Halloween is the official Christmas music start date. At least that's how it goes around my house.

I love Christmas music. I would listen to it all year round if I wasn't so afraid of its specialness wearing off. I do, however, revel in the common occasion when iTunes rolls through the playlist and hits a Christmas album in July.

I don't change it. I let the music play much to the dismay of my fellow human beings in the room. I find most people like Christmas music at Christmas time. Oh well. Different strokes for different folks.

If you like Christmas music too and have been looking long and hard to add something delightful and fresh to your collection, please allow me to gift this to you.


For a chance to win a MP3 copy of Friction Bailey's - The Silent Night, simply make a comment on this post telling me your favorite Christmas album. I need some new ones to add to the mix this year and I want to choose well. There's nothing more annoying than picking a bad Christmas album and trying to like it but really just feeling disappointed deep down inside. I trust you've got some good ones under your tree. Please do tell.

Let it by known that this giveaway is an MP3 which means that you will need iTunes or Windows Media Player to access the music.


One entry per person, friends.

I will choose a winner at random on Friday morning December 10th at 10am Pacific Time.

Check back on this post after that magic hour to see if you've won!


  1. KBCO sent us a Christmas sampler about 5 years ago. It's the only Christmas music we have (which is a reason why I should win), so I guess it's my favorite. When I unpack it with the Christmas stuff I'll give you the full name.

  2. I'm not a huge Christmas music person, but we've been listening to the free iTunes Christmas samplers the past couple of years. There seems to be a new one every year. You can being digging around for them here:


    Or just go straight to iTunes to look it up.

    By the way, I have to tell you Judith that you've totally inspired me to reduce our food budget. I think if you can feed 5 for $150/week, then I sure as hell should be able to feed 3! I'm resisting the urge to stop at the store all week until the weekend. Then this week will be a success!

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Love the holidays tunes as well... our newest purchase that a friend play on and is just a nice treat to listen to is by "uncle daddy" christmas album- not sure if there is a more official title but it's their first holiday album on itunes.
    I'd love to hear more about your favorite shopping spots and deals you find for your yummy recipes! Thanks Judith

  4. Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong album is my favorite. I love her haunting voice- for me it sort of matches the feeling of Christmas. (At least, my feelings around Christmas...) I do, in fact, mean 'haunting' in a good way!

    iTunes it. I think you'll like it :)

  5. Hands down it's "Bonanza: Christmas on the Ponderosa" http://www.amazon.com/Bonanza-Orig-Cast-Christmas-Ponderosa/dp/B00004OCRS

    The album is done like it's Christmas at the big ranch and everyone is sitting around telling stories (to little Suzie and the gang) and the cast sings all the favorites(even Hoss sings!) It's a hoot!

  6. Darling, if you have not listened to the Bare Naked Ladies Christmas album, you are missing out on a fun time. It is my favorite for the fun factor.

  7. We like Nat King Cole's old school style Christmas album 'round these parts.

  8. Thanks for the music! I can't wait to give it a listen!


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