Monday, October 31, 2011

Simple Joy ~ Traditions

Happy Halloween!!! 

Today marks one of my favorite days in the whole calendar year. Not because Halloween is my favorite holiday. For it is not. In fact, I believe I was born missing a gene for creative costuming. Those with a flair for Halloween costumes have a special gene, you know. She is not I. 

However, I have much joy on this day because Halloween marks the beginning of a wickedly intense holiday season spanning the next 62 days. 

In addition to the multitude of winter festivals and holidays fast approaching, we celebrate a few birthdays in our family throughout this season as well. 

My favorite part of all of this are the various traditions that surround each and every one of these celebrations that occur over the next two months. 

I wait all year long for this day, October 31st. Most importantly because of the fact that once Halloween night concludes, at exactly 12 o'clock midnight, Christmas music will magically turn on in my house and won't stop playing for 55 days straight. I'm not joking. Ask my husband. And then do me a favor and try to convince him that this is a good thing.


  1. I'll try to convince yours if you'll try to convince mine. That made me chuckle. Enjoy the

  2. Aaw I miss you. I had forgotten about that xmas music thing and it made me laugh out loud. It's in fact bordering on insanity to me, but when it comes from you it's cute and funny and I wish I could be near you and even hear it. :) And holy frackin shit I can't believe baby Tate is going to be 3. I hold TIlda sometimes and pretend that she is still a baby. Where did the baby go?? Can't you post some video so I can see him be almost three and the other kids even bigger :( OR BETTER YET, GET WHATSAPP for the LOVE OF GOOOODDDDDD!!!!!
    As a appmaker and a blogger it can't be that hard and then I can send you videos you can send me videos man life will be so good. Please I beg of you....


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