Monday, October 3, 2011

Simple Joy ~ iPhone Photo HDR


Original HDR Off

This past weekend brought a lot of joy to this little old lady's soul. I could go on with a long list of joys found in the simplest of occasions, but when considering which simple joy to share with you today, one little unknown feature on my iPhone camera landed on top.


A friend pointed out this button while I was snapping photos of my little boy in a tree on a warm early-fall Saturday. 


One simple tap made a significant change to the quality of my photos on this beautiful bike-riding tree-climbing tailgating early-fall afternoon.


In certain lighting conditions, tapping the HDR button 'On' will work magic to make your photos more accurate to what you see with your bare eyeball.

See that button in the top center of this screenshot? Turn it on sometime. You might find yourself reveling in a little technical joy too.

Pop Quiz:
What does HDR stand for?

A.) High Definition Resolution

B.) Heat Defined Reconstitution

C.) High Dynamic Range

The 24th letter of the alphabet if moving backwards from Z to A.

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