Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 7 ~ Nutmeg ~ 12 Days of Homemade Chai

I had never bought a whole nutmeg prior to making the ever popular Lithuanian Krupnikas liqueur this past Christmas. Since then, I've been grating fresh nutmeg over all kinds of things. 

One item that hasn't escaped this chronic nutmeg sprinkling is my chai. It is such a beautiful addition to every kind of warm frothy drink—why not with the chai as well? 

Use a fine Microplane to grate the nutmeg seed. Just a pinch is all that's needed for each cup. You won't be disappointed with the rich flavor that fresh nutmeg has to offer.

Nor will you be at a lack of entertainment as you stare at the fun wiggly patterns uncovered as the center of the seed is exposed. 

Oh wait, that's me. I'm the one staring at the wiggly patterns inside the small seed. If you didn't know any better, you'd think I had found the following description on the internet and followed the advice given there for using nutmeg in combination with Rockstar to experience another dimension. Hmmmm. Wacky, wacky stuff on the internet my friends. Click here to read the whole exchange on

My mind has been on fun Bollywood dancing lately. And if the wiggly patterns of the nutmeg aren't entertaining enough, check out this video. It might be a tad more interesting!

Vaa Ji - honestly I have no idea what this song is called


  1. Due to your love of might enjoy this little number.

  2. Oh yes, I do love that number. Got me in the mood for a song and dance themed slumber party. Thanks for sharing Aubrey!

  3. I can't wait to see your final chai recipe!


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