Wednesday, November 3, 2010


To celebrate the unusually warm fall weather this week, we brought the whole family out back for a little chicken chasing session. Guess who caught the first one?

Now that we've had our fun, we're moving right along in our countdown to that glorious graduation day in mid-May. The weeks seem to be flying by, which I don't mind at all.

ALERT: The remainder of this message has been lost due to technical errors on my trusty old computer. I must clarify that this was no fault of Apple, my dear friends. Rather not surprisingly it was user error. Although it was a great literary accomplishment I choose not to rewrite it at this late hour. I'm feeling drowsy and ready for sleep and if my memory serves me correctly there is a monstrous pile of socks on my bed that need to be sorted before I retire for the night.

That said, I will summarize the contents: Too much Halloween candy makes people sick. Therefore we are imposing a new law around here. Each child chooses one eerily enticing miniature sugar bomb per day. On Saturday Dada will purchase the entire stash for fair market value. Then this old Marine will pack it up and send it to his comrades serving overseas. The children will take their loot to Target and buy something cheap and plastic and made in China. The end.

Week 28 Meal Plan

Monday - Creamy Lentil Soup (for the Dairy-Free Cream Lover)
Tuesday - Papa's Chili Mac
Wednesday - Spiced Chicken with Stubby Vegetables
Thursday - Efo Riro (Nigerian Vegetable Stew)
Friday - Coconut Curry Comfort
Saturday - Tuna Salad on Green Salad
Sunday - Leftovers


  1. My daughter and I have watched this video 15 times tonight alone! That is the sweetest boy I have ever seen! How cute!!!

  2. Sister - So glad you're enjoying it. That boy has so much sweetness to share! I just checked out your blog. Very cool!

  3. Thanks!
    Do you mind if I post this video to my blog? I want to do a short post about laughter and how it's heathy.

    I watched the other videos of him--he's a riot! you definitely need to get him on the stage!

  4. Yes, of course. Agreed. Laughter - and dancing - is the only thing that gets us through certain days. Looking forward to reading your post!

  5. Thanks! Here's the post:


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