Friday, August 6, 2010


Feeling good. And tired. Just wrapped up my Friday night ritual of searching for tomorrow morning's garage sales on Craigslist. This is actually where all of my thrifty ways start. I cannot bear to spend $70 on that cutie little summer dress when instead I can wake my tired ass up on a Saturday morning and get it just the same for $.50. Maybe a little worse for wear, but honestly, sometimes things are better when they are a bit worn in. You know what I mean?

When done the right way, I can find every good and useful thing for my family between the hours of 7-10am on any given Saturday morning. First things first, there will be a cup of coffee in hand. Then I'm free as a bird as I cruise along the open road in search of the master find of the weekend.

Last weekend it was the college girls who were selling everything to begin fresh after graduation. I scored the best dress of my life! Bright green and yellow with splashes of white, fit perfectly - I don't think I've ever gotten as many complements as I did later that evening. Here's to another successful morning... on the cheap.

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