Monday, August 23, 2010

Dancing in the Kitchen on a Sunday Afternoon

A new ritual has been instituted here in the Little White Kitchen.

Imagine if you will...

A stove full of pots boiling - potatoes, eggs, soup - just try to forget about the 100 degree weather that day, no air conditioning and very little cross ventilation

Country music - playing on the radio in the corner, yes, a real radio with antenna and static

Shirtless hubby - with an old straw cowboy hat on top

Close dancing - apron on and wooden spoon in hand

Dishes piling up - and getting washed almost immediately (my favorite part of the whole experience)

In between the dancing and the talking and the laughing and the dreaming we made homemade potato salad and egg salad and pumpkin soup and pizza. This Sunday afternoon cook session felt like a dream come true. Me and Hubby concocting all kinds of delicious creations. Kids gathered around the kitchen table coloring. Chickens clucking away in the backyard. This week, we start off right by making a refrigerator full of yummy nutritious food. No more "I'm starrrr-ving". No more "Aghhhhh" from the baby. We're going to eat well this go 'round.

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