Friday, March 11, 2011

Present Moments

They all say it. And now I know it's true.

These moments go by so fast. Too fast to try and hurry them along.

Seeing as Bubba is my third and final baby—to the best of my knowledge, that is—I find myself cherishing all of the little things he does throughout the day. It is such a gift to observe a child as he learns to do things for the very first time.

Take for instance Bubba on the soccer field, as seen in this video...

I love watching him discover the joy of kicking a ball down the field. It won't always be this new. Or this precious.

Soon there will be sweat. And stinky socks. And jock straps.

But I digress. 

In my short seven years of parenting, I realize that I have spent a lot of time wishing my child was onto the next thing. Too often finding myself saying things like,

Boy, does he seem frustrated just sitting in one place. I can't wait until he can crawl.

I'm so tired of carrying him around everywhere. My arms are about to fall off. When will the child learn to walk on his own?

Please God, give him words to speak. All this whining and crying is short-circuiting my mind.

Now that I'm officially saying goodbye to the baby years, I realize how quickly these kids move through each stage. And how each and every moment is to be cherished.

Like this brief moment in the video below. Bubba has recently been learning to formulate words to express his thoughts. He wanted to tell brother and sister all about his morning at soccer practice. It is a wonderful privilege to witness the process unfold...

Take some time this weekend to cherish the unfolding of something beautiful in your life.

Happy Friday!


  1. I don't ever get tired of watching your little one!
    I am trying to "enjoy" the unfolding of my 16 year old taking her first driving's hard.


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